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How to Research Your Riverton Home – Feb. 23

In just two weeks from tonight, as part of our regular February meeting, Patricia Solin, longtime resident and former RPS librarian, will share information, tips, and useful resources as she presents, “How to Research Your Riverton Home.” WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 23, … Continue reading

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Collector shares his eBay postcard auction prizes

Anyone who collects RPPCs, short for “real photo post cards,” knows that while they may offer some of the most unusual and rare views, we often come up empty-handed at the end of bidding. So it is with special gratitude to our friend … Continue reading

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The last refuge of the unimaginative

Widely regarded as the most banal topic for conversation in the world, nevertheless, many people find themselves mentioning the weather every day. Oscar Wilde declared that conversation about it was the last refuge of the unimaginative. It is the default small talk topic. Even … Continue reading

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This IS historic – A Christmas Eve warmer here than in LA

That is a sign on Rte.#130 in Cinnaminson, across the highway from Riverton Garden Center, recording a temperature higher here than in Los Angeles (according to ABC News). I don’t know whether to mow my overgrown grass or open the pool. … Continue reading

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Post Office may be ‘Snowed Under’ but it still delivers

“Post Office Snowed Under With Parcels” read the headline in the old yellowed newspaper stored in our archive box in the Library basement. I first saw this when working a few years ago on a piece about the Riverton Post … Continue reading

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Mugs with vintage imagery evoke memories and make great hostess gifts

No guest wants to show up to dinner empty-handed, especially around the Holidays. Such so-called bread and butter gifts, or hostess gifts, are what a guest gives as a thank you to the host, whether for a dinner or as … Continue reading

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Not in the mood yet? Blame the weather

So maybe we all just needed this cold snap to get us into a holiday spirit. Driving around to look at the lights in town gets me going, too. Recent seventy degree days just seem wrong for December, but then I … Continue reading

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Gaslight News – December 2015

    This somewhat delayed Gaslight News arrives in the nick of time to share with your visiting friends and family over the Holidays.         Inside this GN, read Paul W. Schopp’s 3rd installment of his serial article, … Continue reading

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Look for someone you know in Bruce Gunn’s 1950s era color slides

Show your kids (or grandkids) Riverton and the Camden waterfront as they appeared in the 1950’s thanks to these rare color slides donated by Bruce Gunn. With a high-resolution scan and some minor photo editing, these look like they were just … Continue reading

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Riverton enjoys SoCal temps in mid-December

December 13, 2015 72 degrees The poor flowers don’t know whether to go to sleep or to wake up.    

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