Mugs with a local history theme available

We have over 40 30 mugs on hand.

Even the mugs are counting down.

Maybe one would serve as a last minute gift.

We are sorry that the lateness of this post does not allow enough time to make any special orders. Our web host had an update, and it had a bug that prevented us from posting images.

Some mugs have a different color than the ones pictured…

      • 005 is white
      • 009, three pink, one blue
      • 014 is blue
      • 018 is white
      • 042, one pink, one white
      • 053 is white
      • 058 is blue

Click on the pages to see more detail. Or click here to see a 5-page PDF. Call the number on the first thumbnail below to check on availability.

REVISED 12-14-19: In addition to the sold out mugs shown on the pages below, the following numbers are also sold out – #001, 002, 004, 023, 048.

The quantity on hand for most designs is only one. The following numbers have availability as listed below.

Christmas Don’ts, New Era, Dec. 13, 1912, p3.







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