Gaslight News – May 1989

  • Steamboating on the Delaware Program at May HSR meeting
  • Elections and by-laws
  • Second Annual Letters recognizing restoration and/or preservation work
  • Plaques awarded to 625 Main St., 416 Lippincott Ave., and the Porch Club
  • Riverton PRR Station lights purchased
  • Yesterday… News of past springs and summers
  • Proposed Changes to HSR Constitution and By-laws

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*A correction : The May-June Gaslight News, “Yesterday” feature erred… the first 2 items, Palmyra National Bank, and migrant school, should have been listed last, not first, as they were opened in 1920, not 1890!! Sorry about that…. bbh, ed.

Published by

John McCormick

Former teacher at Riverton School, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member, website and newsletter editor