Mike Fosbenner

Born in Philadelphia, Mike Fosbenner has defined himself as an artist since childhood. He’s always had an active imagination. Mike graduated at the top of his class at the Hussian School of Art Class of ’78 and received further classical training from drawing and painting instructors at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

Mike moved to Riverton in 1985 to start a family. Watercolors began as a hobby and soon became a professional interest.

Riverton Yacht Club watercolor – Mike Fosbenner

We never tire of seeing images of Riverton’s iconic Yacht Club and this one is exceptional.

Mike generously donated his considerable artistic talent in the design and production of the stage sets for Riverton School’s Variety Show for an amazing 19 years! (1993-2012)

He designs trade show exhibits where he works as Senior Exhibit Designer at Art Guild, Inc. in West Deptford.

Mike’s hobbies are creating instruments from found objects, sculptures of wood, metal, gems, and glass, and origami architecture.

Mike offers several giclee art prints of his remarkable works, in different sizes, at Tillie’s Trinkets & Treasures at Broad and Main.  Call owner Patrice O’Neill-Rybeck at 856-829-1380 for more details. -JMc, Editor

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