The following names will be added to the Honor Roll at Riverton War Memorial to mark Veterans Day, Sunday, November 6, 2016 @10:30 a.m. (Veterans Day is on the following Friday, Nov. 11.)

  • John W. Kohms
  • Bernard J. Swiderek
  • Anderson B. Winters Jr.
  • Alexander Cole
Palmyra Weekly News, April 6, 1917
Palmyra Weekly News, April 6, 1917

Contact rivertonhistory@gmail.com if you are able to send scans of service photos for these or any other members of the armed services listed on the Honor Roll.

To mark the Centennial Commemoration of the US entry into WWI in 2017, the HSR will publish articles to honor the service of its armed forces, as well as to depict what life was like in Riverton during the war. Here’s a preview in the news clipping at right.

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