Riverton in 3D Old Hat for This Esteemed Riverton Family

ice jam on Riverton Yacht Club pier. January 1920
Riverton Fire Co. 1925

I am privileged to know Mrs. Elsie Waters through our membership in the Historical Society. Among the many things which she has permitted the HSR the use of are some of her family’s treasured photographs. These stereoviews are just a few of the photos, stereoviews, and movies which chronicle the history and growth of Elsie’s many kin.

The Waters/Knight/Wright/Flach Family Tree has a considerable history, parts of which have been entangled in many of the significant chapters of Riverton’s saga.

July 4, 1924

I am motivated by the increased ability of our amped up website to display media, and so I am revisiting resources such as this in order to  bring them to a new audience. Jim Flach and his dad, Richard Flach, generously sent me these higher resolution files via Internet from Florida.

Click on each thumbnail for a hi-res file.

With some time on the PhotoShop bench, I was able to unwarp the curve in the cardboard mount.

I have wondered if one were to print these at actual size (3½” x 7″), how they would look in a stereoscope viewer. Somebody, let me know.

– John McCormick, Gaslight News Editor

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3 thoughts on “Riverton in 3D Old Hat for This Esteemed Riverton Family”

  1. Hello Riverton history buffs !

    I recently came across a copy of the Gaslight News, and, saw the article about Cole’s Dairy.

    As an avid collector and dealer of antiques and “junque”…..I remembered I have , “somewhere”, a few items pertaining to said dairy. However, after moving twice in the last 3 years, it may be still buried in storage ! I would like to talk to someone about these items : namely – bottles, and, maybe the paper milk bottle cap, that, from what I can remember as a child growing up in town, was apparently scotched taped at one time or another, but, nonetheless, be really cool to see again….much less show others.

    Please leave a message as to who best to call / contact….about this matter….or, I will let you know when I find it !
    Hopefully, not too long from now !

    All the Best,

    Bill Baxter
    RPS grad. – ( Class of 1977 )

    1. Hi, Bill – Great to hear from a Riverton fan and fellow collector. I would very much like to see whatever you may have on Cole Dairy and hopefully share it with readers of this website. I’ll be in touch. Best regards – John McCormick

  2. I am one of Elsie’s nieces as well as a previous resident of Riverton. I have such great memories of Riverton – the parades, my years at the elementary school, the library, walks on the bank and times with the Waters family. I love hearing about my family’s history and seeing the old photos. Please keep these interesting pieces of the “old days” coming. Thanks for sharing.

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