A New Batch is Served for Vintage Postcard Buffs

HSR purpose and function

This entry is short on verbiage and long on visuals. I just uploaded four additional Palmyra images (bringing the total now to 69), several dozen more Moorestown images (to make a total of 131), and 154 Stone Harbor images.

Yeah, I know the masthead says Riverton Historical Society, but I have some friends who are serious postcard collectors who let me scan their cards, and I just can’t keep these beauties to myself. Here is a list of the many people who have so generously contributed to this digital archive.

Please consider either donating to the Society, loaning for scanning, or providing a scan or photo of your item of local historical interest to what we hope will be a valuable regional resource. Check back again, because I have tons more to display.

– John McCormick, Gaslight News Editor

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John McCormick

Teacher at Riverton School 1974-2019, author, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member 2007-2023, newsletter editor 2007-2023, website editor 2011-2023

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