Look What Spring Cleaning Turned Up

Cinnaminson National Bank as shown in the 1909 Christmas Issue of The New Era
Gee, you don't look a day over seventy.

Mrs. Patricia Solin reports that years ago she found a wooden coat hanger in her first floor coat closet at 406 Main.

Clearly stamped “Cinnaminson Bank and Trust Company,” the sturdy hanger may have been a promotional give-away.  Or, maybe such hangers were for the use of employees or patrons at the bank.

Dr. Alexander Marcy, Jr. as pictured in the Riverton Gun Club book

Since the hanger came with the house, Pat guesses that it may have belonged to the original owner of the house, Dr. Alexander Marcy, Jr., who was one of the bank’s organizers in 1907, and on its Board of Directors.

(Click here to see how the bank was described by The New Era in 1909.)

We can only conjecture now, as the evidence is only circumstantial, but this hanger may well be over 100 years old.

The former bank is modern office space today

Declining to list the artifact on eBay or sell it at a yard sale, Pat has generously donated it to the HSR archives.

Someday we hope to have a home in which to properly display the holdings of the Historical Society.  Until then, this virtual showplace will have to suffice as our museum.

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  1. John, I found a new source — In the obituary for Dr. Alexander Marcy, Jr. , who died May 1, 1934 at the age of 75, the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that, among the many of Dr. Marcy’s accomplishments, he was once a bank president. So, I suppose, not only a founder of the bank but also held the position of president during his lifetime.

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