Kate Butler and Greg Cristiano present “History of the Swimsuit & Seashore Memorabilia”

Just want to quickly touch base. HSR members very much enjoyed Kate Butler and Greg Cristiano’s March presentation on “Ladies’ &  Gentlemen’s Accessories of the Past Victorian, Edwardian, and Depression Eras.” Sorry for the short notice, but they have a very appropriately timed new talk coming up in Sewell on July 11th called,”By the Sea: A History of the Swimsuit and Seashore Memorabilia.” All of the information is on the PDF where you’ll find the link with which to register, here.

I am working a post about Riverton’s recent July Fourth festivities so please check back for lots of still photos, some video clips, and as usual, some fascinating and little known Riverton history facts with which to impress and influence friends, neighbors, and business acquaintances. – John McCormick, Gaslight News editor

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