2013 Parade Marshal Elsie Waters
2013 Parade Marshal Elsie Waters

Just a short note to show you the picture that I wish I had taken.

Arriving just before ten and parking way out on Elm, I missed the start of the parade and Parade Marshal Elsie Waters’ grand entrance on a carriage.

Actually, I probably missed a lot. Hence the reason for this appeal for some of our HSR peeps to please send us some photos and commentary about your July Fourth celebration.

Luckily for me, my friend Susan Dechnik captured this photo.

In a day or two I will post some more of my own very uneven coverage of the Parade along with some more people may send in by email ( or that I may find through our Facebook friends. We would love to see any and all aspects of the celebration – the Bill Oliver 5K Run, the Downhill Race, Raft Races, family get-togethers, etc. – John McCormick


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