Riverton’s new grandstand shapes up as another construction milestone passes

photo grandstand 9-27-13 01 (1024x1024)photo grandstand 9-27-13 02 (1024x1024)photo grandstand 9-27-13 03 (1024x1024)photo grandstand 9-27-13 04 (1024x1024)The construction of the new grandstand for Riverton Memorial Park reached another milestone with the fitting of the concrete joists to the configuration that is shaping up for completion, possibly in a month or so.

Borough Councilman Joe Creighton passes on these shots of a crane lowering the joists into place on September 27.

photo grandstand 9-24-13 02 (1024x1024)

Keith Herndon

Just days before, Keith Herndon joined his brother, Mark, and son, Korey, as the family business proceeded to raise courses of perfectly aligned brick veneer on the cinder block structure.

Mark tells me that an electrician and plumber have started their work as the masonry work continues, but I have not been by at the right time to catch them.

photo grandstand 9-24-13 03 (1024x1024)Find other references to Riverton Memorial Park’s original grandstand and this new one by searching for “grandstand” in the search query box at the top of the page.

The following photos illustrate the exacting work of these skilled masons as well as another step in the progress of this much-anticipated borough project.  – John McCormick

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