Did we ever luck out with this last snowstorm!

A droll Mr. Lincoln enlightened and amused a HSR meet on the eve of a severe snowstorm

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We held our collective breath for days as we tuned in to weather reports about the approaching snowstorm. Had it tracked a bit differently the HSR Board would have had a lot of birthday cupcakes to eat by itself.

This week marks the 205th birthday of the 16th president of the United States. The folks attending the February 12, 2014 meeting of the Historical Society of Riverton had no trouble imagining that they were in The Great Emancipator’s presence – at least for an hour or so – as actor/historian Bob Gleason gave his mesmerizing first-person account of Lincoln’s life.

The Bank on Main provided a handsome setting to hear how Mr. Lincoln’s rose to our Nation’s highest office from humble beginnings. Our speaker’s liberal use of Lincoln’s wit and humor lightened the narrative of what was a difficult life filled with struggle. He  is so totally immersed in Lincoln fact and lore he effortlessly charmed the assembly as he finished with answering a number of questions from the audience.

With so many members expressing a positive review of the performance, HSR President Phyllis Rogers immediately set about making plans to have Mr. Gleason return as Edgar Allan Poe. Here’s more information about the many personas of Bob Gleason.

We welcome member comments or questions, and will gladly add to this photo gallery any more pictures taken that evening.


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