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An easy to miss sidebar on page 3 of the Society’s just published newsletter (see March 2014 GN #156) may be of interest to Riverton property owners.

A search of the records at nps.gov for Riverton Historic District, Burlington County, New Jersey directs the reader to two online files:

  • the 124-page online record for Riverton’s National Register of Historic Places Registration Form as filed with the National Park Service in late 1998 and approved in 1999, and
  • fourteen black and white photos representative of Riverton buildings.
Historic Riverton District application photo
Historic Riverton District application photo

If you search yourself, you can choose from jpg, Deja vu, and PDF files, but in case the site proves as troublesome for you as it did for me, I post here two direct links for viewing and downloading the PDFs for the Registration text file and the fourteen photos.

The lengthy application, splendidly prepared by Dan Campbell, Keith Betten, and Betty Hahle, serves to outline the history of the borough’s development and catalog thumbnail entries for many Riverton properties.

This entry in the Riverton National Register Historic District Inventory for the dwelling at 407 Howard Street is typical: 407 Howard info



I did not know that.

There are 525 more descriptions of properties in the Inventory, some shorter, some much more detailed. Many include a builder’s and/or architect’s name and names of any notable previous owners. Captions for the photos appear on pages 29 and 30. Several maps at the end help you get your spacial and historic bearings.

You are sure to learn something new about the influences on Riverton’s growth and the history of some structures in the Borough, if not your own home.  – John McCormick

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John McCormick

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  1. I get a service unavailable when clicking on the registration file and 14 photos. My cousin told me that the Strohlein home at 403 Main Street is a historic home (built in 1885). George Strohlein was my great grandfather. I have a photo and we’re trying to identify the people that are positioned inside 2 of the windows, but we don’t know when the photo was taken. Is there another way to access info on the house or pictures that may have been taken? Mary Ann Banko, endlessmtnsfarm@juno.com. We are working on the family tree.

    1. The Nat’l Park Service must take their servers offline sometimes. It has happened to me, too, so I downloaded the files for the text and photos and reset the link on our webpage. You should be able to get them now. 403 Main is not pictured in the 14 images of the photo file. The description for 403 Main is on page 45/124 in the text document. I take it that you saw this post with a photo of George Strohlein. https://rivertonhistory.com/2012/04/staying-after-school-paid-off-in-historic-photos-and-a-1904-history-of-sacred-heart/

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