Mrs. Tilmont, retired Riverton School teacher, turns 99

Eleanor Tilmont 99th bd (Copy)It was a Girls’ Day Out last Thursday when retired Riverton School teacher Mrs. Eleanor Tilmont celebrated her 99th birthday with friends at Due Amici (her actual birthdate, Feb. 11, 1916).

Father Michael Doyle read Eleanor a moving poem and gave everyone a blessing.

This is one lady who does tell her age and is looking forward to her 100th birthday bash. – JMc



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4 thoughts on “Mrs. Tilmont, retired Riverton School teacher, turns 99”

  1. Congratulations Miss Tilmont on your 99th Birthday – how very wonderful – I bet you were a fabulous teacher!! God Bless You always

  2. I saw Mrs. Tilmont at the Riverton school 100th anniversary 4th of July a few years back after not seeing her for about 40 years. As I walked up to her she said, “hi, Jamie.” I was astounded and very touched that she would remember me after so long. A dear sweet woman with an amazing memory! Happy 99th birthday!

  3. So nice to hear. I had Mrs. Tilmont and Loved her. Congratulations and Happy Birthday from Lisa Mayes Childs

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