Don’t give trashy things

Christmas Don'ts, New Era, Dec. 13, 1912, p3.
Christmas Don’ts, New Era, Dec. 13, 1912, p3.

No trashy things here.

Just lots of mugs with nostalgic reminders of Riverton, Palmyra, Riverside, and Moorestown.

Just closed up shop at the RFL used book sale. Like the proverbial hotcakes, the mugs are selling, and I am getting orders for more.

A previously placed order for 37 (about half already spoken for) may be here by next Sunday, Nov. 29.  I will return then to the catacombs of the RFL with more mugs.

mugs to go
mugs to go

I still cannot thank anyone here by name for shopping with us because it is clear that Santa’s helpers are out in force early this year and we do not want to spoil surprises.

I can say that even with making 28 variations of mugs, someone always has another idea to suggest – like a vintage Fourth of July mug.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Would a duster sailboat mug sell?

Have you another idea for a mug that would feature vintage imagery from our extensive image archive?

That huge image archive is the result of people making donations of actual postcards and photos to the Society, some eBay auction purchases on my part, as well my begging local history enthusiasts since 2007 for scans of their treasured collections. Such a number have obliged that our virtual acquisitions now far exceed our real collection. We can always use more.

FYI – available mug colors are light blue, blue, pink, red, white, black.

The HSR sincerely thanks all who have purchased our mugs. You know who you are.

Look for a late Nov/early Dec Gaslight News with a form included for paying your 2016 membership dues. – JMc

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