This IS historic – A Christmas Eve warmer here than in LA

Christmas Eve 2015That is a sign on Rte.#130 in Cinnaminson, across the highway from Riverton Garden Center, recording a temperature higher here than in Los Angeles (according to ABC News).

I don’t know whether to mow my overgrown grass or open the pool.

Such a literally record-breaking event is bound to be memorable for its befuddlement of the area’s flora and fauna as well as its change in our Christmastide activities this year.

Lori McCurdy’s Bank Avenue photo from December 13, testifies to Mother nature’s recent confusion.

Old-Time-Christmas-Typography-thm-GraphicsFairy (Copy)One need only look back five years to find our area paralyzed by a late December snowstorm in 2010, or consider the Blizzard of ’96 that still stands as the all-time biggest snowstorm for Philadelphia.

If you really do miss the snow, here’s a post from 2010 with some Riverton snapshots.

So, enjoy this sure to be short-lived quirk of Nature.

Everybody, have a wonderful holiday and a healthy, happy, and safe New Year. – JMc



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