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have you seen thisWe built a new page, but you might not find it if you only stop at our front door when you visit  Please come in and look around.

This one is in a back room called RESEARCH YOUR HOUSE.

Under our banner showing Ann Knight Ruff’s colorful panoramic painting depicting the riverbank are a number of tabs that navigate to other sections. Forgive the dust. Some of our rooms need a bit of housekeeping.

Tuesday’s 7pm meeting of the Historical Society at Riverton Library will include a short business session followed by Pat Solin’s presentation of a PowerPoint slideshow, How to Research Your Home. It serves as the centerpiece for the Research Your House page.

Rosie Cheeks apple crate label
Rosie Cheeks apple crate label

In addition to doing AV duty for Pat’s slideshow, I made some more mug designs, including five different themes on Dreer’s Nursery and one on an apple crate label I bought on eBay a few years ago.

I welcome any information about C.B. Lewis, the Riverton grower, mentioned on the label.

That makes 38 flavors (2.45MB jpeg file) so far.

Treasurer, Mrs. Pat Brunker, will assist as we peddle HSR merch after the meeting. – JMc

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