19th century style Girl Power

abbie rollins, century rider, sporting life, june 15, 1895
Sporting Life, June 15, 1895, p32

Friends of this website already know of our fascination with Riverton bicycle events, especially ones associated with the words “historic” and “century.”

But did you know the 1895 NYC-Riverton relay race produced a pioneering New York cyclist who became the first woman relay rider?

Los Angeles Herald, June 2, 1895
Los Angeles Herald, June 2, 1895

This 1895 illustration shows typical women’s cycling  fashions. We only wish we knew more about Miss Rollins and the gentleman who came to her aid.

Evening Star (Washington, DC) August 7, 1895. Page  3
Evening Star (Washington, DC) August 7, 1895. Page 3

It was that same 1895 Tri-State Relay Race from New York City to Riverton that inspired Rob Gusky to recreate that ride in 2014. In fifteen days he will again pedal a hundred miles to Riverton.

Be there June 11 to welcome the riders of the 2016 Historic Riverton Century with a 3-mile victory lap around town ending with a ceremony at Riverton Park.

Come back the next day on June 12 to witness the thrill of competitive cycling on a .8 course through Riverton’s historic streets in the sixth running of Carlos Rodgers’ Historic Riverton Criterium.  – JMc



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