Riverton’s WWI Gold Star Boys

WWI Gold Star Boys pix

When World War I erupted in Europe in 1914, the majority of Americans favored neutrality. As German aggression developed, the U.S. later joined its allies –Britain, France, and Russia–on April 6, 1917, to fight in World War I.

As the anniversary of the US entry into the conflict approaches, the HSR is preparing a series of articles to honor the service of its armed forces, as well as to depict what life was like in Riverton during the war.

We are asking for your help.  While we have access to online resources, we are hoping that you, our readers, may have photos that can be scanned, stories that we can share, and letters from those Rivertonians who were dedicated to the cause during those years.

Can you provide any additional information, especially on Riverton’s Gold Star Boys?

(In order of their passing)

  • Raymond T. McGivney
  • Thomas Roberts Reath
  • Raymond Pratt
  • Walter Kennedy
  • Charles Kelly
  • James A. Bradley

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