Palmyra Bowling Lanes convert to Batter’s Alley

The New Era, Sep 4, 1930, p7.
The batter is always up at Batter’s Alley

Speaking of Then and Now… Mike Cattell and company have turned the old Palmyra Bowling Alleys into Batter’s Alley, a recreational and training facility. In planning a presentation on how the transformation took place, we could use some help with how to describe and illustrate the building’s former incarnations.

The bowling lanes opened in 1930, closed sometime around 2004, and in between, had several owners and managers, and operated first as Palmyra Bowling Alleys, later in the 70s and 80s as Celebrity Lanes, and finally as Executive Lanes.

With all the folks who patronized the lanes over more than eight decades, someone must have some photos of the place in their family photo album. Please contact us below.


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