RPS Class of ’81 booklet courtesy of Mary Pat

RPS Class of ’81 booklet

I recently noticed a Facebook post by George Longbottom on Riverton Public School in the Wonder Years in which there was a discussion about yearbooks.

Here is something Historical Society of Riverton member Mary Pat Laverty Peters sent to the Historical Society last May that will add to the dialogue.

Not a yearbook per se, but it does represent a moment captured in time for Riverton School eighth-graders almost thirty-seven years ago.

I can still smell that volatile duplicating fluid from making probably hundreds of handwritten and typed stencils to produce such mimeographed copies of worksheets during my years at RPS (1974-2009).

Pages in the Class of ’81 booklet display the characteristic hit-or-miss reproduction quality that is typical of the process now made obsolete by photocopiers and computers.

I increased the contrast when I scanned the pages in black and white.

Click on the link below for a 27 page PDF file (2.41MB) below to see every page from George McShea’s cover to a class list, a class history for each k-8 year, the Last Will & Testament, Class Prophesy, and staff signatures.

RPS_ Class_of_’81_Mary_Pat_Laverty_Peters

Thank you, Mary Pat, for taking your old, er…, former fifth-grade teachers, and perhaps a few classmates, down Memory Lane.

Warm regards,
John and Linda McCormick


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