Today’s nonagenarians are in this 1946 PHS Washington, DC Trip photo

PHS Class of 1946 – Wash DC Trip

We have had this photo in a heavy wooden frame for a while, and nobody gets to see it in the Library basement. Resolution here is not ideal*, but maybe someone out there can make out a familiar face.

Some of these kids would be about 90 today.

Taken May 2, 1946, this was the first class to graduate after World War Two.

The New Era, June 6, 1946, p8

A month later, a commencement program on June 6, 1943, marked the end of a high school experience that had been so overshadowed by the specter of that global conflict.

The New Era, June 13, 1946, p1



To help place a name with a face, here is a list of Palmyra High School Class of 1946 grads.  The June 13 issue of The New Era also acknowledged those students receiving awards.

See the asterisks that indicate several members of the US Navy.

Holler if you see someone you know.

*I used a photo scan app on my phone to capture the class photo. -JMc












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