Redevelopment of former Cinnaminson Children’s Home will provide low-income senior housing


site of former Cinnaminson Home, 10-25-2018

Demolition of the Cinnaminson Home, at 1410 Riverton Road, is a sign that the long-awaited $12 million project to transform the site into 54 units of low-income senior housing is finally underway.

So what was the Cinnaminson Home?

The answer depends on when you mean.

Children’s Home 1897 from The New Era 75th Anniv Issue, 1965, p15

Most recently, the Cinnaminson Home for the Aged served as an assisted living facility for elderly adults. It closed in 2002, and Cinnaminson Township purchased the site in 2005.

Cinnaminson Home for Convalescent Women

But long before that, the building opened for ten weeks in the summer of 1897 to give a visit of one week for a total of three hundred poor children of Philadelphia. The story of how that endeavor originated and how the home evolved is the subject of a developing story for The Gaslight News.

Children’s Summer Home, Riverton, NJ

The HSR has some images from the 1890s, early 1900s, and very recent ones, plus a Cinnaminson Home Cookbook, and some newspaper articles but would like other photos and information to help in completing this story. -JMc


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