Tagging people in the 1938 PHS class trip photo

Following up on the last post with the 1938 Palmyra High School class trip to Mt. Vernon…

PHS Class of 1938 Mt Vernon ID numbers

If you can ID anyone, send me the corresponding number and color for that person’s position, along with anything else you wish to add, and I will post a list. -JMc

rev. 3/2/2019: Thank you, Shirley, Amy, and Kristin. A special thank-you to Cheryl Smekal who loaned us her dad’s photo. We will add more when we get more names.

rev. 3/18/2019: Added one more – Domenique D***’s grandmom

rev. 3/29/2019: Added Edgar M. Schopp, Paul W. Schopp’s father



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