Another installment of Gaslight News back issues

Ok, Kids, time for another installment of old Gaslight News backissues. But first, a little history of the publication.

This clipping from issue #41, Feb. 1886 explains the origin of the Society’s newsletter…

After producing at least 65 issues of the newsletter, Betty Hahle handed the editorial reins to Paul W. Schopp in the fall of 1993.  He ushered in the use of desktop publishing when he composed the layout for the September 1993 issue of the Gaslight News with a word processing program.  By 1995, this innovation made it possible to include black and white photos and graphics with which to illustrate the text.

Then President Dan Campbell assumed editorial duties in September 1996, and essentially continued the same format. Gerald Weaber took charge of the newsletter in September 2003.

Four years later, John McCormick apprenticed under Gerald Weaber for the September issue and then struck off on his own commencing with the November 2007 printing. That issue was the first to include color photos.

McCormick updated the layout template in January 2008, giving it only minor tweaks since then.

1950s mimeograph machine

We have come a long way since that 1974 single-page typewritten and mimeographed newsletter, but there would be no Gaslight News today were it not for those who came before.

(Raise your hand if you remember the fresh smell of dittos in the morning.)

Without further ado, here are the latest scanned and uploaded back-issues of the Gaslight News. Only 20 more issues to go…

Aug 1981, Nov 1981, Feb 1982, May 1982, Sept 1982

The earliest issue we have is #9, Dec. 1977, which must mean that eight issues dated from December 1974 through the fall of 1977 are still missing. Please, if you come across any, let us know.

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