What is the deal with this Palmyra dollar found on eBay?

And why does the bid start at $145?

eBay item number:254757380125

The auction ends on Nov. 2.

I hope that some numismatist who sees this can shed some light on the purpose of printing such scrip.

Revised 11-3-2020:  We are indebted to our Facebook community for adding to this developing article.

Palmyra Depression scrip, Courier-Post, Mar 22, 1933
Palmyra Depression scrip, Courier-Post, Apr 22, 1933

Soon after posting, Rick Grenda offered this explanation and a news clipping.
Issued by dozens of towns and counties during the height of the depression 1933-36.

His submission got the ball rolling and enabled me to find another clipping on the subject.

Another reader, Jim Simons, checked in with this anecdote about his grandfather.

My grandfather, Clyde Ellzey, spent his career as a teacher at Pennsauken Junior High School. I recall “Pop” telling me that he was paid in “township scrip” (note spelling) during the Great Depression. The only stores that accepted the scrip were those located within the township, so they took advantage of situation by price gouging. It was a no-win situation, in essence you “owed your soul to the company store” as the old song once said.

Every once in awhile this website works as the collaboration we intended it to be when we established it in January 2011. Thank you to all have contributed information to the Society and supported our efforts with your donations and membership.

Circling back to Jim Simons, the last part of his comment offers another opportunity to pool resources and find some information about his grandfather. He writes:

Shifting off-topic……My great-grandfather was Walter Miller, Chief of Police of the Riverton Police Department. If anyone has any photos or stories, I would love to learn more about the man as his background before moving to Riverton is something of a family mystery.

Here is a bit I found in our online newspaper archive about Chief Walter Miller, and also Officer Miller.

I’m gonna rename this column, “You Asked For It.”

You are showing your age if you know that reference.



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