A generous gesture by the Grimes Family brings holiday cheer

L-R: Gary Grimes, Nancy Grimes

Many thanks to Nancy and Gary Grimes for a great idea to brighten up Riverton. Nancy organized donations to purchase 80 (yes, eighty) natural wreaths with ribbons and greeting tags for many of our gaslights.

Last Sunday she fielded a small army of volunteers (with well-organized lists) who got them all hung in no time. She’s donating the profits to the Historical Society of Riverton, for which we are very grateful.

Today, Nancy Grimes just dropped off $500 to our Treasurer, Pat Brunker!

Special thanks to The Barclay Group for the kindness of an extra donation!

Just super, everything about it. It was great to meet Nancy and Gary on Sunday. They put a huge amount of effort into it and she was already talking about how to make it better next year!

It’s a fine effort that will make a lot of folks smile during a time when we need all the smiles we can get. Thank you! – Roger Prichard, HSR Board Member


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