July 2 at 6:41pm pix from Gary Weart

Gary Weart, a longtime friend of the HSR and a photographer with an uncommon perspective has again posted a gallery of photos on Facebook of pre-Independence Day Riverton and Palmyra sights.

Simply because FB posts can be hard to find again, we include Gary’s remarks and a screenshot showing some of the comments of other viewers. Reaching 444 people and earning 47 likes and loves, this is about as viral as we get here.

Thank you, Gary!

July 2, 2021 6:41pm
This morning’s walk along the Delaware River from Riverton to Palmyra. A few things caught my eye and brought back memories. More decorations for the 4th of July in these two special patriotic communities at the doorstep of liberty. What a blessing to have my formative years in this cradle of America’s birth and seeds of our independence. Salute!

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