Save the Groves Mansion and grounds; Save the neighborhood

Groves Mansion, July 2021

This post is intended to update our recent article, “Groves Mansion status still undecided,” which appeared in the August 2021 Gaslight News. We advised our readers that we had made a case in June for the preservation of the deteriorating home and grounds in a letter to the Riverton Municipal Planning Board. The Planning Board also received in June a detailed six-page Borough Historian statement. 

The situation is still unresolved.

There has been no activity for two months since the first Planning Board hearing about the aim of JRB Properties to develop and subdivide the Frederick S. Groves Mansion at 409-413 Lippincott Avenue. No new documents have been posted on the Planning Board’s Agenda website.

As far as we know, the application is still scheduled to be heard by the Planning Board via Zoom next Tuesday 8/24 at 7:00 pm. As before, if the Board hears the case they will make time for public comment. We encourage you to do so. Here’s the link to join in: .”

2021-08-13 Ltr to PB from HSR re 409-411 Lippincott

The Historical Society of Riverton wishes to go on record again to state that we urge the Riverton Planning Board to advocate for the preservation of that historic home and resist any attempt to subdivide the property in a way that would result in the creation of two more homes being built on substandard lots.

Our fellow Historical Society of Riverton Board members have reviewed and approved the attached letter which was then signed by our president Bill Brown and filed with the Borough several days ago.

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