Riverton School Class Photo Day – 100 years ago

Look closely, you might find great-great grandpop or grandmom in these Riverton School class photos for kindergarten, first, and second grades from 1921.

Riverton Public School class photos

Don’t imagine that Riverton School has class photos going back to 1910.

The Historical Society doesn’t either but we have a few that people have either donated to us or loaned and scanned.

RPS 1921 Grade 3, thank you to former Riverton teacher Mrs. Kloos

Added 11/9/2021: A question across the miles from Mary Pat (Laverty) Peters prompted me to look for more 1921 pix. I found this one I scanned in 2007, on loan from Mrs. Mabel Kloos. It’s her father’s 3rd grade class.

RPS 1921 Grade 4 Albert F. Yearly, first row, 2nd from right

One more – it is a low-resolution scan that was sent to me by the Yearly family.

If you have any old Riverton photos to give or loan please contact us. If you scan any yourself, please scan at 600dpi or better and send it to rivertonhistory@gmail.com. Names and dates are always a bonus. -JMc



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3 thoughts on “Riverton School Class Photo Day – 100 years ago”

    1. Sorry, MP, no names on the backs. I do have larger resolution scans I can send you if you want a closer look. I scanned those in 2007 – Mable Kloos lent me one and Steve Weeks lent another. I’d have to dig to find the source for the other. I just realized that I missed a 1921 Grade 3.

      1. If it’s not too much trouble, could you plz send the better scan? I’ll forward it to my cousin, Colleen, and maybe she can pick out her mom in one of the photos.

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