March 2022 GN #190 conclusion

Porch Club 2-16-2022 PHOTO: Bill McDermott

RIV101: History of Riverton 101
prerequisites: NONE

Roger Prichard PHOTO: Susan Dechnik

Borough Historian Roger Prichard presented a slideshow that might  well have been titled “History of Riverton 101” at the Porch Club on February 16 to an audience of about eighty appreciative HSR members and Porch Club members.

The central premise of the illuminating presentation is that the founders were almost all wealthy Quaker merchants from the Philadelphia area who were deeply committed to the abolition of slavery.

Roger’s extensive use of old photos, maps, newspaper clippings, and documents, many of which had not been seen by an audience before, delivered a very factual, vivid, and engaging picture of the birth of Riverton.

We hope to reprise this program for the general public sometime in the fall.


Membership Report from Heather MacIntosh Huffnagle

The Historical Society of Riverton welcomes new members Stephanie Brown of Riverton, Robert Lundstedt Jr of Mount Laurel, NJ, and Nicole Rafter of Riverton!

Thanks to those members who have already renewed. If you haven’t already, please send your dues via mail or by PayPal on our website (scroll down left side to find the PayPal button).

In addition to renewing their memberships, many members have made additional donations. As of March 16, 2022, we have collected $2,560 in extra contributions! Many thanks to those members: C. William and Joan Biddle, Pat Brunker, Steve Cawley, William and Jo Ann Corbi, Ed and Joann Costigan, Hank and Jill Croft, Joseph and Michele Daniel, Donald and Pamela Dietz, Joe and Eileen DellaPenna, Dennis and Janet DeVries, Jeffrey DiFrancesco and Stephanie Zarus, Eileen Gilbert, Paul Grena, James Griffin, Henry Parrish Hackett, William and Nancy Hall, George and Mary Honeyford, Helen Hughes, Lynn Johnson, Michael and Mary Kate Kearney, Alan and Helene Lilholt, Robert Lundstedt, William and Mary Markiewicz, William and Patricia McDermott, Eleanor Paladino, John and Barbara Palko, Mary Pat Peters, Paul Schopp, Michael Spinelli, Dorothy Talavera, and Richard H. Winans Jr.

Writing Prize for High School Students

Pre-COVID November 2019 seems like a lifetime ago.

100 Lippincott Ave. 11-21-2019

Huffnagle hosted a brilliant House Party at the historic Coales’ home with the goal to establish cash awards to encourage students to author local history articles using primary source material.

The event raised over $4,000, but we are only now able to discuss how to frame the program. At an HSR Board meeting on March 15, the group talked about the writing prize and targeted April 1 as the day to announce details regarding our inaugural award. Stay tuned!


Riverton Arcadia book is coming July 4

Arcadia Book Project Manager Faith Endicott reports that our illustrated 128-page paperback Arcadia Images of America book about Riverton is on the way to the presses. It will contain several images not previously seen by the public. We expect to receive our 300 pre-ordered books in time to sell on July 4.

The price is $23.99. We are preparing to accept payment in cash, Venmo, and PayPal. We plan to set up in front of the library. More details to follow.


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