Two photos fill in more bits of Riverton history

Pat Solin is still cataloging items in our collection, and she just sent me two scans of bands marching in the July 4th Parades of 1944 and 1945, respectively.

Please let us know if you can identify the band in the 1945 photo or can spot a family member in the Palmyra High School Band.

Now, if we just had a 1945 Tillicum Yearbook… hint-hint.

Click on that 1944 photo for a larger view and note the American Store next to Sparks and Keating’s Drugstore farther down, at the corner.

When you click on a photo for a larger view, look for the information icon, and click on that to reveal the “view full-size” link below for an even larger view.

We still have a wish list of long-gone businesses for which we’d like to have photos. Two examples: Mrs. Alfred Smith’s Store and The Sharon Shop operated out of 414 Main, albeit at different times. Look through those old family albums and see what more history you can find.

But the real bonus for this master of minutiae is that in the 1944 photo, we finally have a street view that shows the Carvel Sparks auto dealership that I wrote about two years ago – an essay sparked by an old matchbook.

See more about the Carvel Sparks Dodge/Plymouth auto dealership in the April 2020 post below.

Got a match, buddy?

Added 4/26/2022: A problem with Facebook is that comments, likes, and loves, made there don’t add to the historical record we are trying to create here.

This Facebook post earned much better reader engagement numbers than our usual and one comment, in particular, is worth preserving here.

Air Force veteran Scott Gilmore, a former Cinnaminson resident now living in Wichita Falls, TX, tells us that his father, Robert Gilmore, was the drum major in the 1944 Palmyra High School Band.


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  1. In the 40’s/50’s my Aunt & Uncle lived in an apartment above Schwerings. The windows above the blue awning were on their porch my cousin & I slept on. My parents were friends with Betty & Leroy Klipple of Klipples bakery. I frequented Egan’s store for ice cream & to look at what he was displaying in his glass top tables. My father was a milkman in Riverton & Palmyra for Bishop’s Daries.

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