Eagles Fever – Not just a Philly thing!

The entire region is caught up in Super Bowl mania. South Jersey has some of the most fanatical, loyal, and passionate Eagles fans anywhere, and the Riverton/Palmyra/Cinnaminson area has more than its share. A case in point…

Exhibit 1:

Hey, Riverton! How do you show your support for the Philadelphia Eagles? What’s your Eagles Experience? What are area retailers and vendors offering to fuel Eagles Fever? Add comments or send photos to rivertonhistory@gmail.com, and we’ll post them here.

The Eagles logo graphic on the Riverton Yacht Club photo came from a 24″ diameter wooden sign offered by World Trading, a seller on Etsy.

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John McCormick

Former teacher at Riverton School, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member, website and newsletter editor

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  1. My Eagles memory is from their first Super Bowl – Super Bowl XV in 1981. In the Riverton Public School gymnasium we had a “pep rally” for the game, featuring teacher Mr. Cosgrove. IIRC he was wearing a large green foam hat.

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