Gaslight News – September 1982

  • Man, the Rider at October meeting
  • Romance of Riverton screening at Porch Club in November
  • Editorial: 307 Bank Avenue
  • Yesterday: Palmyra and Riverton after 1851

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Note: In several issues of the Gaslight News we find a mention that the Romance of Riverton film was shown. The silent film was transferred to safety film in 1980 and to videotape in 1989. The state of video transfer is far better today than it was in 1989. The Society very much desires to locate that safety film copy so that we may make a high-quality video from it.

Gaslight News – November 1981

  • November Program: Turn-of-the-Century Musicals
  • January Program: Family Treasures
  • Survey work moves at a snail’s pace
  • Acquisitions (“Funny” quote, “We hope that some day we will have a place where the artifacts gathered by the Society will be able to be displayed permanently, and enjoyed by all who are interested.” What’s funny??? We’re still waiting.)
  • Tales of Three Towns available
  • Yesterday: Riverton mid-to-late 1800s news

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Gaslight News – August 1981

  • October Program: 250 Years on the Taylor Homestead
  • response to writing letters about street gas lamps and Morgan Cemetery
  • Survey work moves slowly
  • Romance of Riverton showing raised $72, Walking Tour completed,
  • Misc.: Tax exempt status achieved, Woodward’s History of Burlington County 1883 reprint available, Lloyd Griscom’s book,  Tales of Three Towns, newspapers, acquisitions
  • Yesterday: Riverton and Palmyra news

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Gaslight News – May 1981

  • May Program: 60 Years on the Delaware
  • “Romance of Riverton” showing at the Porch Club
  • Gaslights situation
  • Pete Dechnik is photographing for the Survey  
  • Walking Tour to be ready in May
  • Acquisitions and storage issues
  • Various Notes: July 4th HSR float, Morgan Cemetery vandalism, Lloyd Griscom, is currently working on a book, “Tales of Three Towns”
  • Yesterday: Memorial Day and our Glorious Fourth

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