Gaslight News – March 1976

  • The issue designated “Copy 5” mentions a past February 18 visit by Jonathan Fricker and wishes members a Happy St. Patrick’s Day so it was likely published in March 1975.
  • Matt Kenney and some Boy Scouts from Troop #50 are making the first historical house plaques
  • Richard Gaughan will make slides for use in future programs from thirty old glass plates
  • A May 9th a trip to Taunton Lakes will view the Watson Family’s collection of glass
  • Meet May Roberts Taylor, author of “Gently, Sister, Gently” at a tea in her honor May 15

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Gaslight News – Fall 1975

  • The issue designated “Copy 4” welcomed members to “…another season of interesting programs and activities…” so it was likely published sometime in the fall of 1975.
  • The Society won first place for its float in the July 4th Parade
  • The HSR planned to enter a float in the Moorestown Lions Parade, Dec. 6
  • Betty Lockhart and Barbara Smyth are researching the oldest homes in Riverton

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Gaslight News – April 1975

  • The issue labeled “Copy 3” was probably published in April 1975.
  • The Society will enter a float depicting the Riverton Yacht Club in the Mt. Holly Parade on May 17.
  • A trip to Liberty Village in Flemington is planned for May 18.
  • Other announcements: a tour of old Bordentown homes on May 18, Mount Laurel Regional Ballet Company presentation May 24, look for our float in the July 4 parade

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Gaslight News – February 1975

  • This is the second issue of the Gaslight News, which was likely published in February 1975.

    Aerial View of Hoeganaes Sponge Iron Corp. 1963
  • Thanks to the generosity of Hoeganes Corp. for the loan of a truck, plans were afoot to again enter a float in the July 4th parade.
  • Betty Lockhart, Barbara Smyth, and Ruth Schmierer recently spent a day in Mt. Holly researching older Riverton homes.
  • Giles Knight will show old films of Riverton at a future program (What I’d give to see those now!)
  • Upcoming events included the BurlCo Teen Arts Festival, and tours of Greenwich, NJ and Liberty Village in Flemington.

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Gaslight News – December 1974

The Historical Society of Riverton organized June 1970. Betty Hahle, the newsletter editor in May 1980, wrote at that time about the origin of the organization:

Did you know that the Historical Society of Riverton is exactly 10 years old? Mrs. Frank Lockhart (Betty) had written a letter to a local newspaper, inviting anyone interested in forming a Historical Society to meet to discuss it. On June 4th, 1970, 54 persons attended the first meeting, held at The Porch Club , and voted to form such an organization. Lloyd Griscom gave a talk on the area, and enthusiasm was high. Subsequent meetings were arranged, held at different places, a constitution adopted, officers elected. First president was Mrs. Lockhart, followed by Mrs. Lenore Probsting, then Mrs. Marilyn Colozzi, and, currently, Mrs. Betty Hahle.

Later, in the February 1986 issue, Mrs. Hahle described how the newsletter came to be.

The first one was a single page, written by Marilyn Colozzi who was elected president, in response to a decision voted on by the Board. The name was chosen from several suggested, and although that first copy is undated, it would seem to have been sent out in December of 1974.

The group gave the designation “Copy 1” to that very first HSR newsletter.

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