Gaslight News – December 1977

  • Apparently, this is the first newsletter by new President Betty Haile.
  • Coming in at three legal size (8.5″ X 11″) sheets, this issue #9 is much expanded over the previous eight single letter size sheet editions and is the first one bearing Betty Hahle’s signature “Yesterday” byline.
  • The Society secured a membership in the American Association for State and Local
  • March Program: Camden Co. historical sites
  • HSR Board supports proposal for inclusion in Nat’l Register of Historic Places
  • Charles H. Stonaker interview
  • Yesterday: Dreer’s Nurseries

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Gaslight News – November 1976

  • Since the last newsletter gave notice that plaques would be awarded to homeowners at the first meeting on November 9, this newsletter probably was distributed to members on that date.
  • Marilyn Colozzi acknowledges those who worked on the plaque project.
  • She gives a plug for the RFL’s house tour.
  • Other announcements: A community service night will be held by the Palmyra Bicentennial Commission, a Bicentennial parade will be held in Indian Mills, and there will be a Candlelight Tour of historic Burlington City buildings and homes

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Gaslight News – October 1976

  • Even though this publication does not indicate it is a newsletter, it seems that it probably is the 6th newsletter for several reasons, namely:
    1. The date of October 28, 1976, fits the sequence between Copy 5 and Copy 7
    2. Addressed to Members, the content serves the purpose of the newsletter
    3. We know that HSR President Marilyn Colozzi wrote the first newsletter; She signed only this #3, #6, and #7.
  • The purpose of this one seems to be to kick off another season of meetings, programs, and activities.
  • The call here for the first meeting on November 9 would seem to suggest that same date for Copy 7, the next newsletter.
  • Pleading for members’ support was a constant refrain then, as now.  “Only you, the members, can keep the Historical Society of Riverton in good running order. We need your support!”

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