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  1. I have the most wonderful childhood memories of staying at the Baldwin Hotel. Our family spent a couple weeks each summer at Beach Haven, staying at the Baldwin. As a child this spectacular building provided exceptional exploring opportunities. My dad was a watercolorist who painted a wonderful painting of an adjacent property, where nuns spent summer vacations. He did do while sitting on the balcony of our room.

    When the Baldwin burnt to the ground, Beach Haven lost a large part of its identity.

    Thank you for posting this beautiful rendition of the grand old Baldwin.

    1. Hi, A.K.
      I apologize for the delay in responding to your delightful comment about one of the Baldwin Hotel images– did you see all five? It is very gratifying when a reader has an emotional response, as you did, to something that they find here. I mentioned your comment in a blog post at https://rivertonhistory.com/2011/08/waiting-for-irene/. As you may have inferred from what you have read, many people have contributed information, images, and items to this collaborative effort. If you are able to send us a photo, scan, etc. of any of your father’s LBI artwork, or anything else that you may feel relevant, I will be glad to add it to our virtual collection.
      Best regards,
      John McCormick
      Historical Society of Riverton

  2. Thank you for posting the 1908 image of the Baldwin Hotel. Along with many other college students I worked there in the summer of 1954. The owner at that time was a man named Yocum (or Yokum), and the hotel had fallen into hard times. There were still, however, a fair number of guests. The most memorable event of the season was when a man fell into the elevator shaft from the lobby! He had been drinking, and didn’t notice when the night clerk invited him to “step in” although the elevator car was upstairs. His relaxed posture probably saved him from serious injury,and in that less litigious age he was satisfied to receive a free vacation at the hotel.

    1. Hi, Lewis
      Thank you for pausing to thank us for the memory that looking at these images has brought back. For those of us who have been to these places, the images here are not simply pretty pictures, but are indeed powerful catalysts for releasing a flood of memories.

      I worked at the Surf City Hotel as busboy and waiter 1965-1968,for owners Abe and Louise Portzline, also as one of my several jobs of college days. Head-waitress Barbara showed me the ropes. I remember the amazing organ at the bar with the pipes visible thru a window in the wall. I only wish I had taken some photos, but I was too busy working. I think I earned about 66 cents an hour plus tips. When we went in for the dinner shift we got a full dinner plus dessert. At least once during the summer Kenny the chef gave everyone prime rib. If we worked until 11 or later we got a sandwich and drink as well. I pretty much just lived on what I ate there, slept and went to the beach, then back to work. The Halloween Party marked the end of the season.

      I am a retired teacher and contribute to this website and our newsletter. I am glad that you found some enjoyment looking thru the images here. Almost all of the scans here are the result of the kindness of friends, acquaintances, and even some strangers from miles away who have kindly shared their collections. The virtual archive you see here grew from a small personal collection and scans taken from some other local collectors so that I could illustrate local history to my middle school history classes. If you have any scans or photos of postcard images or related ephemera and can get them to me I will gladly post them.

      In any case, thanks for stopping by.
      Best regards,
      John McCormick

  3. I was a lifeguard at Beach Haven in 1958 and 1959….We used to go to the Baldwin in the evenings…One of the lifeguards dated the daughter of the owner of the hotel. What a wonderful place!

    Robert J. Broselow,MD
    Sand Creek Ranch

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