2 thoughts on “Captain and Crew of Long Beach Life Saving Station, Beach Haven,NJ [800×514]”

  1. I am very interested to find out the names of these men. The second man from the left I believe was my father’s father. My grandfather passed away in 1920. How can I find out more information. My name is Barbara Sprague Wilkinson and my e-mail is captdbw@gmail.com . I live on the mainland across the bay from Beach Haven, N.J.

    1. Ms. Wilkinson – You are a short distance away from the source of that postcard. Deb Whitcraft very generously let me scan hundreds of her Jersey shore area postcards several years ago before I retired from teaching. She has since opened The New Jersey Maritime Museum right in Beach Haven. I will post your request here in the hope that someone sees it. I am sorry that I can’t direct you to an answer for those names, but if anyone would have an idea for where to start looking, Deb would. http://www.njmaritimemuseum.org/home.html Best regards, John McCormick

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