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John McCormick

Teacher at Riverton School 1974-2019, author, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member 2007-2023, newsletter editor 2007-2023, website editor 2011-2023

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  1. Hi. I just discovered the Riverton History blog and I’ve been having a ball going through it finding family photos. To see my great grandparents, Ezra & Anna Lippincott, on their wedding trip at Niagara Falls was amazing. Cousin Nancy Hall probably has lots of photos I’ve never seen! And the one above of the “sociable” at the Coales is great. My grandmother, Bertha Lippincott Parrish and her sister Lucy Lippincott, are in the lower middle. Cousin Edith Coale is on grandmother’s lap. To think, I remember those people when they were old and to see them so young is such fun.

    I have a correction though. The photo above titled “Ezra Lippincott” is not my great grandfather Ezra, but his father-in-law, James Lawrence Sutton, father of Anna Sutton Lippincott. He is with two of his granddaughters. On the left is my great aunt Alice Lippincott Booth and on the right is…. I used to think this was Cousin Edith, but on closer inspection, I don’t think it’s her. I’ll have to go through the photographs I have at home and see if I can identify her.

    This is a real treat. Thank you!
    Hank Hackett

  2. Hi, Hank
    I am glad that you found our website and have connected with your family roots and Riverton history. Please pass the word to others, wherever they may be, so that they may check in and possibly even collaborate on adding to the Riverton saga.
    John McCormick

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