Philadelphia, PA and suburbs Images

Souvenir Folder of Philadelphia, PA, c.before 1976 ( the Liberty Bell was moved from Independence Hall to a nearby glass pavilion on Independence Mall in 1976, and then to the larger Liberty Bell Center adjacent to the pavilion in 2003. What else has changed since?)

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  1. My grandparents lived there in the early 1930’s. My father, Everett L. Bowers, graduated from Olney High School in 1935. They moved out west after that and that’s how I ended up in Oregon. I am doing a family history and I am so grateful for your old pictures from their time. It gives me a good idea of what they experienced. My Grandfather, Dana W. Bowers worked for Enterprise Manufacturing then as a metallurgist

    1. Hi, Robert
      I am glad you found the images here useful. Let me know if I can help further.
      John McCormick, Editor

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