Riverton Gun Club

Riverton Gun Club History Book 1877-1906 – one of 100 copies
Gun Club Silver Prize






Riverton Gun Club History 1877-1906


Click on this link to see pages from the Riverton Gun Club History Book.


Riverton Gun Club Rule Book


Click on this link to see pages from the Riverton Gun Club Rule Book.


Riverton Gun Club Fixtures


Charles E. Price Map of East Riverton, c1890

Click here to see pages from the Riverton Gun Club Fixtures booklet.

Location of Riverton Gun Club in East Riverton



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John McCormick

Teacher at Riverton School 1974-2019, author, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member 2007-2023, newsletter editor 2007-2023, website editor 2011-2023

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  1. I have a Riverton gun club history book – 1877 – 1906 # 92 of 100. If interested I am willing to sell. Please make offer $ 75.00 minimum bid

  2. I inherited a Sterling cut glass punch bowl presented to my grandparents in 1900. Presidents cup. It’s huge and heavy.

  3. Jim, I am attempting to find an appraiser. If you Google Sterling Cut Glass Punch Bowl, you find valuations from $0 to $60,000. I don’t have a clue.

    1. Jim,
      This duplicates a separate email I sent you.
      Please send a couple of photos. I will post them on our website. Would love to hear more names, dates, etc., so I can develop it into a web post. With some more clues, I can look into our records.
      John McCormick, Editor

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