Linda Stern

Linda Stern, whose striking photograph below of the Yacht Club inspired this tribute to local artists page, describes herself as an author (L.C.Bennett Stern), blogger, and backyard birder. She prefers taking photos of subjects in nature and architecture.

Riverton Yacht Club Reflections on the Delaware River by Linda Stern

Her virtual storefront on, an online marketplace for buying and selling art, showcases almost 600 photographs organized into 25 categories. You must, of course, see the Riverton section, but you will also love her adorable tack sharp close-ups of wildlife. -JMc, Editor

Specific links to Linda’s virtual storefront for the above photos: Rabbit Having Lunch, Cardinal in Snow-laden Holly Tree, Monarch Butterfly Number Three, One for the Road

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John McCormick

Former teacher at Riverton School, amateur historian, Historical Society of Riverton Board Member, website and newsletter editor