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    1. Roland – Sweet! It’s not like they are making any more of them. If you take a picture of that or any other local collectibles I’ll post it. – John

      1. Have 2 single serve Millside Farms glass cream bottles from my mother’s house. I remember the milkman coming to deliver.
        Just took photo.

      2. I just found a Millside Farms Riverside NJ half pint liquid jar. Not sure if it’s for milk or jams???? Its about 5″ tall. I found it in my backyard in New Egypt.

  1. I have a Hillside Farms, Inc. yardstick with a phone # of HO 1-0046. Do you know the approximate date of the yardstick. I know they were established in 1922 but don’t know when they went out of business. Thanks

  2. Hi, Bill,
    Any item with Millside Farms printed on it is a sought after collectible. I sometimes see Millside Farms with a Delran address and other times as Riverside. I believe that the Delran Historical Society may be able to help you even tho’ the info on their website is not very extensive. http://delranhistoricalsociety.org Go to the “Contact Us” and ask.
    John McCormick

  3. i have a millside farms milk bottle that has 2 shapes. the bottom of the bottle is for the milk, with the top portion area for the cream to rise to the top. any info for when this was used please advise.

    1. I am familiar with the bottle but have no specific information about when Millside used that design. Bottles with that same general design came into use in the mid-1920s, but I saw an eBay seller claiming that his Millside creamtop was from the 1940s. Maybe someone with more knowledge can respond. In the meantime, here is a link to a PDF file “Dating Milk Bottles” http://www.sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/oterochap2a.pdf If you do find out, please let us know what you found. Best regards, John McCormick

    2. I have a Millside Farms, Creamtop milk bottle. It actually has “IT WHIPS” on the top of the bottle where the cream would rise, and the words. Millside Farms, Riverside New Jersey printed on the bottle where the milk would be.

    1. I am not aware of any large work on Millside Farms, but I don’t pretend to be an expert. I just have a couple of collectible bottles and a scanned image of a postcard from an acquaintance. I believe that Millside Farms was the topic of a Delran Historical Society a while back. We’ll put it out there for our readers to suggest a resource if anyone can. Regards, John McCormick

  4. Dr Russell Laslocky and his wife Fleur Laslocky were also the founders and owners of the Barn Arts Center in the early 1960s

  5. Thank you, Alex, for this info. I wonder if the Laslockys still have a stash of those milk bottles. Have you seen the prices for Millside collectibles on eBay lately? Regards, John McCormick

    1. Unfortunately they don’t. There was quite a bit that was lost in both fires that occurred on the farm.

  6. John, I found my Dad’s baseball jersey. Riverton lettered in the front, Millside Farms in the back.
    I’m wondering if anyone would have team photos?
    Ed Hoyt Jr.

  7. back in the late fiftys we used to live at millside farms ,my father worked there ,and my uncle also ,the workmans and the freemans ,we lived on the old dirt lane , old woody Windsor and hunsickers lived on the lane too , back before they built the ele school on chester ave they were the good ole days

  8. Some folks come here hoping to get a taste of those “good ole days,” Donald. If you have any Millside Farms “souvenirs” or photos of the place, please send us photos or scans. Regards, JMc

  9. Back in the late fifties when Delran began its growth spurt with first Delrcrest, followed by Millside Heights. Although they were technically in Delran. Residents had to use Riverside as there address. Delran at that time, only had a part time police force.

    1. Yes it was great for ice cream. I remember they used to use a square scooper to dish out the ice cream. Nice place to just hang out. They had decent cheesesteaks.

  10. In the early 60’s my parents looked and purchased our home in Millside Heights. Going to the Millside Dairy Bar Is certainly one of my many cherished memories of growing up in the Delran/Riverside area. Recently having one of my dear friends come into the area we took a ride down memory lane. The ride of course included going through Millside and taking pictures of our old homes and calling some of our friends as we passed their houses. Last but not least a trip to the supermarket to buy some “Boost” was in order. After all we grew up on Boost now,didn’t we? Being blessed with friendships that have lasted over 55 years truly speaks volumes of a place in time that we really learned what life is all about. I (we) always lament how glad we are today that our parents found Millside Heights.

    1. What was your impression of Millside now compared to your past memories of Millside? Its my opinion that after almost 60 years. Millside has been able to still remain a very desirable place to live……………..if you can afford it! Taxes for most homes are in the $6,000-$7,000 range. Twice as much as my first car I bought at Ted Rapp.

  11. In 1949 our 1st grade Bridgeboro School trip to the dairy farm was a delicious treat, although we didn’t get to milk the cows. In 1951 my dad, Chauncey Smith, delivered milk to businesses on LBI and I got to tag along at 5 a.m. a few times. The C of C is located now where their retail and storage business was. A real estate office in Loveladies took over their summer ice cream store in the ’60s. A huge 24 flavor plus toppings sundae to share with many friends was celebrated back then. Historic memories of LBI are published in a wonderful free magazine that can be viewed on the web: http://www.echoesoflbi.com

  12. Just found a quart glass bottle in the woods by my house in Voorhees N.J. I am always finding glass bottles back there. This one is clear glass, big glass ring on neck and says Millside farms all around the top. Looks like the bottle was made by duraglas

    1. Mr. Ola has given those of us interested in the Millside Farms a wonderful gift by providing the above link to “Millside Farms Remembered” by Karen Ruza, a 7-page PDF with text and photos. Thank you, Johnny!

  13. I loved Millside Farms when I was a little kids We would go up on our bikes and come down this huge hill. It was great. And their ice cream was delicious

  14. From kindergarten thru fifth grade, I went to Westfield Friends School, Rt 130 Moorestown/Riverton Rd. Robert Laslocky was a classmate. I remember him as being one of the bigger guys in our class. Going to his house and to Millside farms was always a treat

      1. The town of Parry off Cinnaminson Ave by Rt 130 was my great grandfather land. I am looking into Parry Ave as to which Parry it was named for.

        1. Back in the late 50’s and early 60’s before Millside Heights development was completed. There was a dirt road off of Haines Mill Road that was Parry road.

        2. Hi, Tom
          We’re glad that you found us. Scroll down and find the search feature on the left – search for “Parry” and you will get a few results. Now that we know what you are looking for, we may be able to find more info.
          John McCormick,

          1. Thank you. I look forward to learning more. My sister has worked for ancestry.com for years. She’s kind my go to for info

        3. Hi, Will
          Thanks for visiting and reminiscing. Funny how you and Tom Parry landed here on the same day. If something here interests you try using the search feature to see what else is here. Scroll down and find it on the left, under the names of the page tabs.
          John McCormick

          1. Update: Parry Road off of Haines Mill Road, between Suburban Blvd and Conrow Road. This was almost 60 years ago. Before Swedes Run and Tenby Chase developments were built.

  15. I grew up on the farm, my grandparents were the founders. I have many many memory’s of the farm, but not much other than that. Time gives us a lot 20/20 vision on what one should have saved. I live in Massachusetts now and haven’t been down there in many years

    1. Mr. Laslocky. Do you now, and did you as a child, go by Bobby? And did you go to Westfield Friends School? If so, then we where/are classmates. At the time, I went by the name of Cris Parry. I am now, and have been since high school, Tom Parry, living in NC. If you choose to do so, I’d enjoy hearing from you.

      1. Q: What year did you gents go to Westfield Friends school? I also was there in the mid 60s (Nursery-4th grade; (Bill Pié 63-69-?) before we moved out west- Scottsdale Az) we would go Millside Farms for our milk & dairy as kids. My parents would go to the concerts there during that time… Big bands like Woody Herman and Duke Ellington etc.In the early 60’s- I vaguely remember falling asleep on the chairs while they were dancing – maybe 5 yrs old?…Q: Is the Barn arts center all part of Millside Farms? Looking for pictures from that time to jog the memory- Now in Hawaii since 1980.

    2. Hello Robert,

      I am sure any memories you have when you were living in Millside, would be of great interest to all of us. I believe that originally Haines Mill Road was just Mill Road, until Millside Heights was developed. In the beginning there were no paved roads in Millside Heights. Nothing but dirt roads. When it rained it really became a mess.

      1. It was always Haines Mill Road. I remember in the late 50’s there was a very heavy snow storm and it took 3 days to clear the road. I remember when my grandfather sold the land to the developer. It was Spring when they started. Grandad told them not to go into the fiueld with their equipment until the ground had a chance to drain. They didn’t listed and got an earthmover and a big bulldozer stuck. They waited for three weeks until the ground dried enough to get the equipment in

  16. My twin brother and I and some of the other boys from the Riverside Park section of Delran would walk up through the fields and woods which is now the Delcrest section of Delran, until we reached Millside Farms. The first thing we did was stampede the pigs by throwing corn from one end of the pen to the other. We’d always wind up at the Dairy Bar where you could get a milkshake and piece of pie for a buck, this was back in the early 50″s. At our 8th grade graduation from Arason Bell School, Bernnie Berkowitz took me and my brother and his brother Gig to the Dairy Bar where we enjoyed a “Lost Weekend” which was a gigantic bowl of 24 dips of ice cream with all the toppings. We could barely finish it. Many, many fine memories of MILLSIDE FARMS.

    1. Name sounds familiar. Were you and your brother once on the Delran PD? Didn’t one of you win marksmen shooting competitions?

      1. Will, yes my twin brother Fred and I and our younger brother Bill all served on the Delran Police Dept. My twin brother Fred was the 3rd full time officer and I was the 4th. All 3 of us retired in 99 with over 30 years of service. And yes, I received many shooting awards over the years and currently serve as “Rangemaster for the Burlington County Dept of Public Safety. Thank you so much for remembering.

        1. Thanks for the reply. I remember when Delran had just a part time time Police Officer. I believe his name was Ketchel (sp), and no police station. I think they used Riversides police station. I also remember a gentleman that was disabled that was sort of like a auxiliary officer. He rode around in a black Ford and wore a policeman’s hat. I think he lived right on RT 130. This was all in the very early 60’s. I think he was featured on one of the local TV stations because of his work in the community. Hard to believe all this happened over 50 years ago.

  17. Will

    When I started in 1966 Paul Ketchel was the only remaining part timer and stayed until about 1970. The disabled guy you referred to was Louie Anderson, he was born with no hands – looked like he just had elbows but for many years drove a dump truck for a living, he could even take change out of his pocket or take out a cigarette and lite it. He had a police radio in his car and served as our eyes and ears when they were building Tenby Chase. In 1966 our police HQ was half of the Delran Coffee shop which is still there at Bridgeboro Rd and Creek road. There was a wall which separated the coffee shop from our office where the township clerk also had a desk. Most other township officials worked from home. Back then we had one police car and one man on duty at a time.

    1. I remember the very popular Police Chief Anthony “Oggie” H. Ogozalek, Sr.. For many years he was just about the voice and face of Delran.. A very likable and great man.

  18. With 50+ comments here about Millside farms, this might be our longest thread. Thank you everyone for adding your recollections to the record. Let us know if you have any relevant photos to post. I’d like to see some people attacking one of those Lost Weekend sundaes I have heard about.

    1. My family lived on a Lashlocky property in the early 60s next to to a barn that was turned into “The Barn Arts Center” by Mrs Laslocky who was the wife of a son of Mr Laslocky Sr (I think). I don’t recall his first name I was in grade school. Mr Laslocky the son was a veterinarian. The Barn had art classes, plays and concerts. Shakespeare, Bye Bye Birdie, The Fantastics, Dizzie Gilespie. Mel Torme, Jimmy Smith, a lot of Jazz! What a fabulous intro to the Arts – It was magic. Thank you, Mrs Laslocky. I remember Millside Farms and my sisters and I have experienced a few “Lost Weekends”,there. We moved in 64 the property was sold I think in 65 to a women who turned the Barn into a Montessori School I think the house we rented is now the office. It will always be my happy place. Which is why I ended up here in this thread looking for my happy place.

      1. Hi, Deborah – we’re so glad that you found our website. Thank you for leaving such a personal and heartfelt recollection. -JMc, Editor

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