Boffo box office for Maggie Worsdale’s production of Martha Washington

President Phyllis Rodgers opens the meeting
President Phyllis Rodgers opens the meeting

Well, it would have been boffo box office, but this was another example of your HSR dues dollars at work in partnership with Riverton Free Library in making available to the public a presentation free of charge.

"...29, 30, 31, 32... a great turnout," observes RFL Director Michael Robinson.
“…29, 30, 31, 32… a great turnout,” observes RFL Director Michael Robinson.

Actress Maggie Worsdale played to a capacity crowd in the RFL’s meeting room Tuesday night.

She entertained in character for a full hour, delivering her fact-filled monologue with no notes.

It was, as it was heard characterized, more like a one-woman play than a typical historical interpreter’s presentation.

Maggie Worsdale channeling Martha Washington with flair
Maggie Worsdale channeling Martha Washington with flair

She absolutely did delight, teach, and inspire the SRO crowd with her recounting of episodes in not only Martha Washington’s life, but also for many other of America’s 44 First Ladies.

One could certainly fill up an hour reporting on the lives of First Ladies, but this remarkable performance was full of little known, often touching, anecdotes which were obviously the result of exhaustive research and preparation.

No video clip or excerpts of Ms. Worsdale’s one-act follow so that there are no “spoilers” should you have a chance to enjoy this compelling material performed live.

Consider this short review a 5-star endorsement of Maggie Worsdale’s production of Martha Washington. Book her without reservation. But you might want a bigger room.

not just Riverton mugs
not just Riverton mugs

Find more at and see a short video there.

At the conclusion, folks shared conversation, cider, cookies and cake, and placed orders for another 17 mugs.

I will be at the used  book sale again next Sunday afternoon with the few mugs left. More are on the way in about two weeks. – JMc



Mrs. Washington and mugs at RFL Tues. night

Maggie Worsdale - Martha Washington publicity flyerFor one night only, Tuesday, November 17, international performing and recording artist, cabaret and jazz singer, actress, and producer Maggie Worsdale brings her one-woman show to Riverton Free Library as she becomes Martha Dandridge Custis Washington.

Be there before 7pm, and we will have on display the mugs mentioned in the post of Nov. 9.

When I found out that the RFL was having its usual Sunday afternoon used book sale in the basement I decided to set up a card table just inside our new space and offer those mugs for sale.

I had about 28 mugs, mostly all different prototype designs I was trying out featuring vintage images from our extensive archive. You can make out a Riverside, a Moorestown, and a Palmyra mug amongst the Riverton cups.

I sold ten and got an order for 14. The result was encouraging enough that I will go back next Sunday and try again.

Santa reads GN (779x768)I can’t say who came or what they bought.

Let’s just say Santa has sworn me to secrecy.

I ordered another bunch more today, but delivery is not expected until the end of November.

Rosemary Hutchins HSR mug
Rosemary Hutchins HSR mug

One of them will be this one featuring a beautiful watercolor by artist Rosemary Hutchins that we gave out at our Second Annual Daniel Campbell Riverton Awards Night last April.

What would you like to see put on a mug? – JMc