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We have never had the capability on our website until now to post video clips. Turns out that HSR President Gerald Weaber has a stash of video clips recorded at various events over the last few years. He set us up with a YouTube account, and Mike Solin, our computer guy, added a YouTube button to my WordPress Dashboard, so I’ll take this new feature for a test drive.

Surely, there are many more Riverton related videos, vintage photos, and missing bits of information out there in cyberspace. When I get the hang of making use of the social networking potential of Facebook, we can make the resources of a wider community of history lovers available and start some discussions.

This first video is a slide show about Riverton’s 2006 Victorian Day.

The next three are from Victorian day 2007. Here is the first of three short clips,  “Civil War reenactor, Miss Amanda, on Victorian Day 2007, at HSR Museum for a Day.”

“Civil War reenactor, Mr. Allan, on Victorian Day 2007, at HSR Museum for a Day”

Last, is this too short clip of maestro William “Willie” Harris, who passed away in December 2010.

I look forward to receiving and posting  more files for videos, texts, slideshows, and scans of photos, maps, and ephemera from Rivertonians near and far. – John McCormick, Gaslight News Editor

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