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Alumni, staff, parents, and board members marked the 100th birthday of the present school building
As her AVA guy, I themed much of the design of the slideshow around Mrs. Kloos’s personal memories. Mrs. Kloos invited “class participation” as she reminisced about her alma mater and her thirty-three years as a teacher in the school. – JMc

On January 19, 2010, sixty former students, staff, and interested community members assembled in the Riverton School gym to observe the 100th birthday of the present school building. Retired teacher, Mrs. Mabel Kloos, showed a PowerPoint presentation called “A Short History of Riverton Public School” created by myself which was very much enjoyed by those in attendance. You can read the March 2010 issue of Gaslight News for a fuller recap of the events of that evening.

Since then, several people have expressed regret that they had missed it. Now, if you wish, you can replay the entire slide show from that night.


RPS Grade 3 1921 Mabel’s dad 3rd from right
Click here to download the 23MB PowerPoint, “A Short History of Riverton School.” If you do not already have it, you’ll need the free PowerPoint viewer or the PowerPoint program in order to watch the slide show.

Click here to download the PDF file of notes that go with the slide show and you’ll also have the narrative which explains the images as well as prompts for the animations and advancing the slides.  – John McCormick, Gaslight News

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