A peek inside Christ Church on Treasure Day

Interior - Christ Episcopal Church, Riverton, NJ

Last week my wife Linda and I browsed among the many yard sales during Riverton’s annual Treasure Day.  As we passed Christ Church I noticed that the early afternoon sun might afford me the right light to finally capture the Tiffany stained-glass rose window with my camera. The exterior view gives little clue to the luminosity and spectacular color of the Tiffany, in particular.

Tiffany rose window
While these pics are not art quality, they may be the thing to “take you back” if you are one of those Rivertonians who has moved away from your hometown.

While we’re on the topic, I posted scans of a 1978 Burlington County Times article (2 parts) about the Tiffany window in the photo gallery below.

Finally, I went right to the source for the best photos and information about all the stained-glass in Christ Church–the church’s website, http://christriverton.org/  Here is a PDF that has plenty of historical information about the windows and excellent professionally produced photos.


If you have been away for a while, what else about Riverton would you like to visit through these pages?  – John McCormick, Gaslight News editor





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