A basketful of treats for you

Riverton_Easter_BunnySomebody stopped by with a basketful of eye-candy for our viewers – five vintage postcard images of Camden, Moorestown, and Riverton.

I guess it depends on your definition of eye-candy, but for us history sorts at rivertonhistory.com these are a welcome treat.

And it is nice to have someone with which to share these goodies.

The first one comes courtesy of Ed Gilmore, HSR Board member and a frequent contributor to the archives. I have an image of this scene I scanned from one of Betty Hahle’s postcards, but the card was almost ripped in half and I painstakingly did some photo restoration on it.

Porch Club c. 1915
Porch Club c. 1915

However, this 1915 postmarked card of the Porch Club is in very good condition. The writer tells Jenny in Tuckahoe that “We took a walk by this place this morning and have been out in the Auto 3 times it is lovely and a very pretty place.” The Porch Club, founded in 1890, had only just built their new clubhouse in 1909.

Forks of Road, Moorestown, NJ c.1907
Forks of Road, Moorestown, NJ c.1907

The next one is a very familiar scene to collectors of Moorestown postcards. Forks of Road is one of the most popular subjects for picture postcards.  Just when I thought my friend Harlan had every variation on this theme, he surprised me with this recent acquisition, a 1907 Moorestown post card – Forks of the Road – King’s Highway, or Haddonfield Road, and Camden Avenue.

Camden Bailey St West of 6th 1909
Camden Bailey St West of 6th 1909

Harlan Radford is another frequent flier here who has generously shared many scans of his vintage postcard collection to help build this virtual image archive.

This marvelous real photo postcard of Camden, NJ shows that an early 20th century Bailey Street neighborhood certainly had its own version of a Glorious Fourth.  Medford photographer Wm. B. Cooper produced the postcard, postmarked in Camden on July 8, 1909.

Main Street, Riverton, NJ 1908
Main Street, Riverton, NJ 1908

Occasionally when the eBay power bidders are on a break I get lucky and win an auction bid. Such was the case with this next pair that I won within the same month.

Collecting scenes of Main Street in Riverton is like eating potato chips. You can’t just quit with one. We already display several on our images page, but I was delighted to see this “new” card with an April 6, 1908 postmark come up for auction.

Palmyra photographer Howard E. Powell captured this tree-lined view that he captioned, “Main St., Riverton, N.J.” The message, “Arrived home safe,” assures Mr. Langham, the Hammonton recipient, that “F” is alright.

The Divine Place - Riverton
The Divine Place – Riverton

The last one in this basket is a real photo postcard view of the riverbank postmarked July 13, 1906. The card writer tells “Tex, dear” in Houston that “…This is the divine place.”

We have to agree.

Please, be on the lookout for more “new” vintage images of the area that you can help us share with others, and add a comment if you know more about a topic.

– John McCormick, Gaslight News editor

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