Christmas in July at the HSR

image courtesy Moore's Postcard Museum
image courtesy Moore’s Postcard Museum

No, not really, and it’s not a sale at your favorite discount store either.

But I do feel like I just got a big present to open when I find in my email these scans gifted to us by a postcard collector friend and frequent contributor to our archives.

Find nine new additions to our vintage postcard image collection below.

Regular visitors here know that the Society owns very few real postcards and that much of our virtual catalog of vintage postcards consists of scans, or digital files, contributed by collectors who have shared their prized images here.

Perhaps no images have elicited more comments from visitors than the many picture postcards of the Jersey Shore. The views often launch a reverie that compels them to leave a comment like the ones below.

  • Thank you for posting the wonderful (Avalon) images. My very happiest childhood memories are of my family’s two-week vacations to Avalon from 1964 to 1969. – Gregory G.
  • … I worked at the Harbor Theatre for several summers. It was fun to see what it used to look like. Also did not realize that St. Paul’s had such a long history in Stone Harbor. I still attend Mass there. This was a wonderful treat to see these pictures. – Eileen P.
  • I will be 70 in April and for a few hours of looking at your pictures I was a kid again. – Margaret S.
  • I was a lifeguard at Beach Haven in 1958 and 1959….We used to go to the Baldwin (Hotel) in the evenings… – Robert B.
  • Love it! I always featured Lucy (the Elephant Hotel) when teaching about New Jersey in fourth grade. The good old days! – Susan D.
  • Thanks for posting all the pics…My first trip to Stone Harbor was 1959, the last year of the old Shelter Haven. Spent many fun summers working there. McClures gulf, short stop restaurant, hahns…still remember pizza alley and the old wooden freds tavern. Haven’t been in SH since 2000, but think about it alot. agasin, thanks for the memories. stayed at Carolyn hotel and later the Sherwood house, both long gone. – Jim A.

Browse for a while in the many categories of our IMAGES section and see to where and when the pictures transport you. Leave a note if you wish. Please contact us if you have vintage postcards or ephemera of the South Jersey/Delaware Valley region to donate or wish to send us scans. – JMc


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