Not in the mood yet? Blame the weather

Woodside La lights
Woodside La lights

So maybe we all just needed this cold snap to get us into a holiday spirit. Driving around to look at the lights in town gets me going, too.

Main and Broad lights
Main and Broad lights
Lippincott Ave lights
Lippincott Ave lights

Recent seventy degree days just seem wrong for December, but then I must be too provincial in my thinking.

You know, we have Rivertonians who check in here from across the miles and coast to coast, so I guess one adapts one’s concept of the Season to wherever they are, whether it is Maine, South Carolina, or Florida, Connecticut or Washington.

Still, there’s a reason the phrase “There’s no place like home” was coined.

Do you know someone who would enjoy connecting with their old hometown through a membership in the Historical Society of Riverton?

gift-cardsHere is a Gift Enclosure that you can print out and give directly to your recipient.

2016 membership dues form snapshotChoose the PDF form to download: Main Street Railroad Station or the Sidewheeler Columbia.

Print the Gift Enclosure on any paper you choose, double-sided and fold it in thirds. It will fit into a #10 business envelope.

Then print out the 2016 Membership Form, fill out the information, and send it in with a check so membership can start right away in January. Instructions you need are on that form. – JMc







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